Terms & Conditions

The Retail Redemption Program generates a $10 retail rebate check, or $10 Gift Card at your Selected Retailer for every $10 in retail purchases each month, for consecutive months, up to your total voucher face value indicated on your voucher. The Retail Redemption program retains the option of sending you a $10 check, or a $10 Gift card to the retailer listed on your receipts. Your $10, or greater amount, in original receipts must be dated and postmarked within the specified voucher dates. To redeem your receipts each month, mail your original receipts and voucher to RetailRedemption.com 16850-112 Collins Ave #221, Sunny Isles Beach FL 33160. Vouchers not returned with a postmark and receipts dated within the valid voucher redeemable dates are void. When mailing, please include your name, address, phone number, and the coupon code. You may only redeem one set of $10 receipts for a $10 rebate check per month. Receipts can be from any retailer or online merchant, excluding grocery purchases.

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